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     I couldn't wait to get Pokemon White for christmas. My mom said she would get it for me, and I was glad. My other friends had it, and one, Kylie, told me there was a glitch. She didn't specify, but said not to get too into the game if the glitch had happened. It happened on used games usually.
     Christmas came, and my mom gave me a used game. I popped it in, and clicked the icon. There already was a file, completed and all. But 6 pokemon. ONLY 6 pokemon. And the guy was named 666. The pokemon were Zekrom, Kyrum, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Emboar.
     The pokemon had weird names. Zekrom was named Linder, Kyrum was Ireeze, Cobalion was Fiteel, Terrakion was Fock (Wooow), Virizion was Gright, and Emboar was Fime.
     I thought about it for a bit. Linder... I heard that last name. Linder had shoplifted almost 666 times, but was caught in he act. In jail, he decided to work with electricity at a circus. It is unknown why. He died in an accident.
     Ireeze impailed people alot, loving the sound of death screems. She was arrested, and made ice sculptures for homless people as an act of good deeds. She died in an accitent.
     Fiteel went and used his dog in an illegal dog fight. He was arrested and killed trying to fight a prison guard.
     Fock, who has a funny last name, obviously, was a kid who loved to throw rocks at houses on Halloween, and died when the adults got him back....
     Gright faked his death to get away from a murder and was burried alive.
     And Fime Set fire to a house, but got trapped.
     The pokemon had 666 hp, all level 666. They were all different. Linder looked like he was struck by lightning. Ireeze bloody scratches and scars, and iceshards in it. Fiteel had a bullet hole in it's head. Fock was covered in bumps and bruises. Gright was covered in dirt and grime, with dirt in it's mouth. And Fime was burnt.
     I was intrested in this, and decided to play. My Skype thingy began to ring, and I ansered to my friend Kiara.
     "What's up, Kia?" I asked.
     "Nothin' much, Kyo. You?" She responded.
     "I got Pokemon White, and this person named 666 owned the last game. I'm playin' as him, and he's got weird Pokemon." I stated.
     Kiara's eyes grew wide, and she whispered, "Oh... my... god. Kyomi, you gotta-" Skype went fuzzy.
     'Bad connection.' I thought, and kept playing.
     I checked the Pokemon's summaries, and they had weird moves. Linder's move was normal, but I found it creepy too. He had thunder bolt. Zekroms didn't usually know thunder bolt. Ireeze had the move impale. Fiteel had tackle, but this move had low PP stats and was much more effective than usual tackle. Fock had trick-or-treat, which he threw rocks at all of the Pokemon in the opponent's party. Gright used hang, which hung the other pokemon, but resulted in slowly loosing HP and fainting, sliding underground. Fime had burn, which made both the opponent Pokemon and the party faint, along with him. And at the end of each battle, the opponent would say something like, "You burned me!", "THE CURSED ONE!" or "Owwwww, that burned...."
     Every time I won a battle, 666 turned darker and darker.
     666 walked along the path to The White Forest, and out from behind a tree popped a trainer.
     "The cursed one shall pay!" He hollared, and a battle began.
     He sent out an Eevee, who was level 10.
     "Pathetic." I laughed, and K.O.ed the Pokemon with one Fusion Bolt from Linder.
     The trainer fell to the ground, as 666 turned pitch black, eyes glowing red....
     "Kyomi! Time for dinner!" My mom called, and I saved and turned off.
     After dinner, I grabbed my DS and began to turn on White, when Tori called on Skype.
     "T'sup, Tor?" I asked.
     "Kiara told me you got the glitch, which may sound awesome-" Tori began.
     "IT IS AWESOME!" I yelled, "I just turned pitch black! With RED eyes!"
     "Kyomi, don't keep-"
     Skype went fuzzy again.
     I kept playing, and watched a cutscene as it showed 666 standing above the trainer, the trainer cowering in fear.
     "Don't do it, demon, please...." the trainer whispered.
     666's eyes glowed reder, and got brighter and brighter, coverung the whole screen....
     The screen faded and turned black, then went to 666 back in sprite form, stepping away from a dead, bloody body. The trainer sprite's eyes was popped out, leg torn off. 666 turned and walked away.
     The cutscene continued, and he reached The White Forest. A mob crowded around 666, and they all attacked him. The screen flashed white, and all the people lay dead, blood pooling around them. The screen flashed white again, and came back to 666's face, black with red eyes, blood splattered all around it. He grinned and evil grin, and, well, my DS exploded.
     Bolts of electricity jolted all around, and sparks flew as my DS burst into flames. I dropped it and landed on my back, dragging myself to the couch as a black shadow shot out of my DS....
     Skype rang. I raced to pick up.
     "KYLIE! THE GLITCH!" I screamed.
     "KYOMI! We told you not to play!" Kylie yelled.
     "I should've listened, but now look! My house is on fire!"
     "We're coming." Kylie said, "Hide for now."
     "Shhhhhh! Just do it!"
     She hung up.
     I raced over to the couch and scrambled under it. Loud thuds filled the house, things smashed on the ground. My mom screamed, and went silent. Loud thuds stomped upstairs, and I slid out from under the couch and waited on the porch. I spotted Kiara, Tori and Kylie racing to the house. Kiara side kicked the door open.
     "WHY, KYOMI, WHY!?" Kiara yelled.
     "He...... went upstairs..." I whispered.
     My friends ran upstairs, and I slid under the couch. They screamed words I couldn't understand, and some swears. I heard twisted sounds of Zekrom, Kyrum, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Emboar.
     Silence, then a roar that made my ears hurt. Loud footsteps downstairs, and I could hear something like bodies being dragged. From under the couch I saw black feet, and my friends' bodies being dragged across the floor. Kylie's eyes flicked over to me. And blinked.
     I couldn't scream. But I let out a tiny squeak, and the black feet stopped. Kylie stared at me with horrified eyes, and the couch was lifted and thrown to the side. I saw 666's face grinning at me.
     "Thank you, Kyomi, for helping me. You've been a pal. Now you must go...."
     And Ireeze appeared, and a stake grew right through my forehead.
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kenta-kun51 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Student Artist
i am inspired with fan art of this red eyed demon! :D
Kinaharu Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Kewl! Can I see any fan art some time?
kenta-kun51 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Student Artist
ima work on it and, knowing me, be unsatisfied with it, turn the page in my sketch book, stare at it, and rage XD ill c wat i get and if i finish ill scan it up and tell ya
Kinaharu Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
alright, thanks!~
kenta-kun51 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Artist
i drew it with psyco zekrom. the eye isnt shown, i drew him with long hair in an emoish style from that side so its blocked, im gonna ink it, scan it by tomarow probably, and color it online after i upload it
Kinaharu Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
alright! Let me know when it's done!~
kenta-kun51 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Artist
will do!
Kinaharu Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011  Student Digital Artist
(1 Reply)
kenta-kun51 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Artist
inking done, about to put it up
Mysteeria Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Kinaharu Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Mysteeria Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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